"Think Pawsitive": A Place to Have A Doggone Good Time!

Those who run "Think Pawsitive" in New Berlin say it's Wisconsin's largest indoor canine sports center.  I say it's a doggie gym on steroids!  I spent some time Thursday morning learning about the operation during the CBS58 Morning Show.  So much is offered for the family pet from agility lessons to canine scent detection work to rehabilitation in the water.  In fact, there's a new program called "Swims for Rescues."  This allows rescued animals to take part in physical therapy in the water. 

Everything done here is based on positive reinforcement with either treats or unconditional love.  Hence the word "pawsitive."

"Think Pawsitive" offers more than 50 classes a week for dogs of all breeds, ages, sizes, and abilities whether they have sustained an injury or just trying to stay fit. To find out more about this learning center as well as prices, just click on the attached link.  

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