They're remaking 'Jumanji,' and the Internet rage is real

(CNN)\"Jumanji,\" the hit 1995 movie starring Robin Williams, is getting a remake, Sony Pictures announced on Wednesday.
The original film was about a mysterious board game in which the many animals involved in the game came to life. It was an early CGI-special-effects extravaganza along the lines of \"Jurassic Park.\"
Given the current reboot trend in Hollywood, this should not surprise anyone, but reaction to the announcement has been especially harsh on social media.
Williams' death nearly one year ago has some crying that the reboot comes too soon. Meanwhile, Disney has already announced a live-action \"Aladdin,\" an animated film in which Williams voiced a starring role.
Fans made their outrage evident (as one is wont to do) on Twitter.
According to Exhibitor Relations, \"Jumanji\" is scheduled for release on Christmas Day, 2016.
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