'They did the best they could': Milwaukee fans react to Packers loss

NOW: ’They did the best they could’: Milwaukee fans react to Packers loss

MILWAUKEE (CBS58)--Fans in Milwaukee are taking the loss pretty hard. Many had gathered downtown to watch the championship game. They tell CBS 58 they had so much hope.

“It is what it is, it was fun, they helped us get through a tough time," Chrissy Wennerstrom said. She watched the game in the Deer District Sunday night, Jan 24.

“It didn’t turn out the way we wanted to but next year is a better year," Gregory Holly said.

Milwaukee fans spent their whole week on cloud nine. They rocked their green and gold jerseys, making bets and hoping for a big win and a spot in the super bowl. 

“They did the best they could," Wennerstrom said.

During the game, Brady Street, Water Street and the Deer District fans turned out to cheer for their home team. Many called the loss devastating.

“I’m so proud to be from Wisconsin, they worked their butts off." another fan mentioned.

“They gave everything they had, I have no complaints," Holly said.

While fans may have tears in their eyes and walking with their heads down, they tell CBS the Green Bay Packers will be always be a top NFL team. Whether they win or lose Packers fans say they will remain loyal.

“Through and through until I die," Riya Talwar said.

“At the end of the day I will still ride with the Packers, I’ll never turn my back on them," Holly said.

Fans say they believe this loss will motivate the Packers to go harder next year.

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