'There was bullets flying everywhere': Greenfield police officer critical, suspect killed in traffic stop shooting

NOW: ’There was bullets flying everywhere’: Greenfield police officer critical, suspect killed in traffic stop shooting

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A driver and Greenfield police traded shots during a traffic stop early Sunday morning, August 22, killing the driver and leaving one police officer hospitalized and in critical condition.

Police say the shooting occurred at 27th and Becher around 1:30 a.m.

Neighbors say the early morning shooting felt like a "warzone."

CBS 58 News obtained cellphone video of the scene from a terrified neighbor who watched it all.

On the audio recording, the neighbor is heard yelling repeatedly to tell those in his home to get down.

"Me and the kids had to duck for cover, there was bullets flying everywhere," said the man who wanted to remain anonymous.

The recording revealed a terrifying scene with dozens of gunshots being exchanged between the driver and police.

In the end, the suspect was dead and one officer, a 36-year-old man with a family at home, is in critical, but stable condition at Froedtert.

"You know the wife and the children right? And dad's in the hospital, I mean those are real things and I think sometimes you know we get lost in all of this.," said Greenfield Mayor Michael Neitzke.

According to police, the incident started near 35th and Oklahoma.

Officials indicate that when police were attempting to make a traffic stop, the driver of the suspect's vehicle took off after initially pausing.

A chase ensued and the suspect crashed three miles away at 27th and Becher.

In the cellphone video, police order the man to surrender, before authorities say he opened fire on officers.

"This could've been avoided. I mean if you, if they just stop trying to confront and have a shootout with the police, he would be here today," said Tracey Dent, a local community activist.

Authorities say the injured officer was shot multiple times.

Two other officers also on scene with him are being hailed as heroes.

"I'm extremely proud of the heroic actions of our officers under fire, pulling an injured officer out of the line of fire, returning fire," said Mayor Neitzke.

CBS 58 News drove past Froedtert today and located a Greenfield squad car outside the hospital.

The early morning violence caused a difficult day for all involved.

Officials say Milwaukee police have now taken over the investigation, including all body camera and squad video from the incident.

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