The Warmest Air of the Month Moving in By Weekend

The start of May has been rather cool.  You don’t have to be a meteorologist to figure this one out! There are great weather pattern changes coming soon for all of the viewing area.  With below average temperatures and precipitation, it hasn’t been a typical start to May.  We hit our FIRST 60 degree high of the month yesterday, and we have many more in that forecast.

What’s going on in the atmosphere for the switch?  Winds are always key in southeastern Wisconsin this time of year.  When we have a wind competent coming off the lake, that’s a problem for surface warming, and the lake breeze can kill off a good weather setup that the rest of the state or region would see. With air aloft beginning to warm, and a ridge building in the center part of the country, this will lead to our first chance of 70s this month.

It has been a while since our last spring-like and early summer weekend.  The last three weekends had highs stacked like this: 43, 45, 51, 54, 57, and 71 degrees.  April 15th and 16th was absolutely marvelous with highs on Saturday hitting 82° and Sunday rolling in at 73°.  This weekend will likely not hit those kinds of numbers, but the 70s will be popping around the viewing area.

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