The Trump Effect on Wisconsin Midterms

NOW: The Trump Effect on Wisconsin Midterms

President Donald Trump campaigned for Scott Walker in Wisconsin last Wednesday, but Thursday, Democrats tried to use the president against Walker.

Gwen Moore, D-WI, said at a press conference, midterm voters have a chance to put a check on the president by flipping the House or Senate to Democrats.

"The first thing we're going to do is put a check on this runaway train that has decided that Democracy is a little too much of a burden."

Moore says trump isn't on the ballot - but his proposals - like ending birthright citizenship - are.

"Be it destruction of healthcare, be it, trying to undermine citizenship rights of immigrants."

House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-WI,  stumped for Walker and Senate candidate Leah Vukmir Thursday, talking about historically low unemployment.

"We are seeing economic growth. We are seeing optimism. That doesn't happen on accident. That happens because of good leaders, passing good policies, making a big difference in people's lives."

But one day earlier, Trump criticized Ryan for saying he could not end birthright citizenship through executive order, because it is part of the constitution.

Trump tweeted that Ryan should focus on keeping the House majority, instead of talking about something, "he knows nothing about."

When Walker was asked about the dispute, he said it was a federal issue, and between the speaker and president.

"I think the focus for us here in Wisconsin is on our message directly for the voters, which is we've come a long way together, we've turned this state around, we've got more people working than ever before."

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