The return of the Kooky Cooky House

A legendary holiday attraction is making a comeback.

A replica of the Kooky Cooky House has now been built and is on display at Discovery World Museum along Milwaukee's lakefront.

It's a replica of the attraction from the 60's that drew families to the Capitol Court Mall for decades.

Children were delighted to peak inside the gingerbread house and see a robot at the helm of a bustling cookie assembly line.

When the attraction closed in the 80's, the structure was stored in the basement of the Mall. Then it was handed over to television personality Gino Salomone who desperately tried to drum up support for bringing it back.

At a Wednesday unveiling at the museum, Salomone spoke about how plans to open it up at the Zoo failed and the house fell into disrepair.

In building the replica, the CEO of Discovery World says it allows them to entertain and educate.

\"They should enjoy the whimsy and fun,\" Joel Brennan declared. \"That's what we're trying to create here as well as fulfill our education mission.\"

The new Kooky Cooky house opens the day after Thanksgiving and after your tour you can get a gingerbread cookie compliments of Bartollota restaurants.

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