The Pabst Theater lowers chandelier for cleaning

NOW: The Pabst Theater lowers chandelier for cleaning

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – The iconic chandelier at The Pabst Theater was lowered sixty feet Monday morning to be cleaned.

The chandelier and its 33,000 crystals were last cleaned in 2016. Around 10 volunteers will spend Monday and Tuesday cleaning the crystals by hand with towels and gentle cleaning solution.

“When you get close to it there’s a lot of dust and cobwebs,” Public relations director Sara Peronto said. “There’s shows that have smoke that they use and that makes it grimy as well. So it’ll look much nicer when it is done.”

The chandelier has been at The Pabst Theater since 1976. It weighs around 1.25 tons.

While lowered, electrical work will also be done on the chandelier.

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