The Kidds Move To Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE -- We're less than two months away from the Milwaukee Bucks first preseason game. Excitement is building with new owners, first round draft pick Jabari Parker and the team’s new head coach Jason Kidd.  


Kidd's family just moved to Milwaukee from New York City this week. In a CBS 58 exclusive, the coach's wife goes one-on-one with Jessica Tighe.


“Go Bucks Go,” Jason and Porschla Kidd chant in the atrium of the BMO Harris Bradley Center. They don't even have the keys to their house yet, but the Kidds are ready to make Milwaukee their home. Porschla admits she didn't know anything about Brew City before, but she's excited for the future.


\"I just feel like it's going to slow things down for us. Being in New York City with two small children is extremely difficult, so I'm excited about that part. Our family life, the quality, it's going to be better,\" Porschla predicts.


Life will also be dominated by the Bucks!  She says you can bank on seeing her at every home game.


\"Just tell them to listen for me because I'm so loud. Haha! I scream at every game. I'm Jason's biggest fan. Now I'm the Bucks biggest fan! Yeah, I get really involved,\" Porschla says with a big smile on her face.


She's also really involved with her two kids. Porschla models, but her main gig is being a mom. Her little ones keep her very busy. That was highlighted during their stop at the Milwaukee Public Market.


\"Guys come back!”


“You’ll only have one cupcake today.”


Her little girl Noah is two. Her son Chance is four. Decked out head-to-toe in Bucks gear there's no doubt who these kiddos are rooting for!


“There’s a Milwaukee flag,” Chance yells out as he excitedly points to a Bucks flag hanging up high at the market.


Living the NBA life can obviously be a lot of fun, but it's not always easy. When the Bucks season starts in October, she’ll be on her own a lot.


\"I have the support of my husband and my family, but we do have a sacrifice and that is him being gone for 9 months out of the year,” Porschla explains.


She’ll keep herself busy by making her way through Milwaukee and adapting to the Wisconsin way of life. In fact, she's already started.


\"I haven't tried the beer, but the cheese curds! It was kind of ridiculous; I'm not going to lie. Haha! They were amazing! Really good,” she says. \"I do want to go to a Brewers game. I mean we're baseball fans as well. And I already bought my cheesehead so hopefully we can catch a Packers game,\" Porschla says with a smile.


There are so many good Wisconsin teams, but it's the Bucks who come first in this family! Jason is extremely excited to be the new coach and Porschla is happy to be a part of it all.


“How long do you think you could be in Milwaukee,” Jessica asks.


“Hopefully forever,” Porschla responds.




“I support my husband and wherever his job lands him that's where we are and we're happy with it,\" she says. 

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