The crazy April warm front. A spread of 30 degrees is possible on Friday.

Most of April has been unseasonably cool.  Highs have struggled to warm above 40, and even though we have a recent taste of warmer air, the bottom will drop back out toward the weekend.

Take a look at the graphic above!  This is how crazy the temperatures are forecast to be on Friday.  If you live in our northern counties I wouldn't be surprised if the highs hold in the upper 30s.  100 miles to the south along the border of Illinois and Wisconsin, temperatures could climb into the 70s!

It's a classic spring warm front for Wisconsin.  Where the actual front will move will determine the warmth.  Unfortunately for Milwaukee, our winds will remain easterly off the lake, and that will probably keep temperatures in the 40s.

Temperatures are expected to drop into the 30s over the weekend as a front blows through.  Winds will be very strong along with a mix to snow late Saturday night into Sunday.  Stay tuned because accumulation is possible.

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