The Arrival of Two Salt Barges...A Late Holiday Gift for SE Wisconsin

(Milwaukee)--The city is running way about its normal average of salt usage for the year. So far this season, it's used 62 thousand tons of salt compared with a yearly average of 57 thousand tons. So when the shipment of 50 thousand tons on two different barges arrived today, collectors were more than ready to get their supply.

The shipment was delayed one day because the freighters had to contend with thick ice around the Straits of Mackinac in Michigan.

The supply will be distributed across various communities across southeast Wisconsin, including the Brew City. Many towns have had to improvise because of the high demand. Some places have mixed sand with the salt, including Racine and Waukesha.

Today's delivery will not go toward the state highway system, according to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. However, there is a reserve supply, so the chance of running out is not likely at all.

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