Thanksgiving weather stats for Milwaukee

This is about as normal of a Thanksgiving weather-wise as you can possibly get. This time of year the average high is 42, and the low is 29. The expected high will run in the lower 40s, while lows will fall into the low 30s. If anything, the conditions might be a touch above normal for highs and lows.

However, this trend has not always been the case. It has been very up and down the last five years. The warmest days were back in 2015 and 2012 with highs in the 50s and 60s. 2015 also featured the most rain since records began in Milwaukee back in the late 19th Century. There have been cold days; looks at 2014 with highs only in the 20s, and 2013 with highs just below 30.

If you’re a stats person, there was a warmer day than 2015 for Thanksgiving. If you remember back in 1914 (not many do), it hit 65 degrees! The actual average is 39. The coldest ever temperature on Thanksgiving hit a COLD -4. The snow stats were somewhat surprising with the highest total only 3.5”. This was set back in 1893 and 1947.

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