Telemarketer's call helps save beaten Oregon woman

 (CBS NEWS) For most people, the last thing they want is for a telemarketer to be on the other end of the phone, but for one Oregon woman, that unwanted call could have saved her life.

\"This is Americare Health and Nutrition, how are you today?\" a Las Vegas telemarketer asked, making a routine sales call.

\"The young lady on the other end never said, 'Hello,'\" call center supervisor Tina Garcia said.

The woman who answered the phone wasn't ignoring the telemarketer -- she was crying for help, reports Vanessa Murphy of Las Vegas affiliate KLAS.

Workers at the call center could hear the woman being attacked, with screaming, whimpers and a man saying, \"Get up!\"

\"You could actually hear the blows as if he was hitting a punching bag,\" Garcia said.

The call center kept the line open as police tracked her location. Linn County deputies arrived on the scene and found Walter Ruck holding the woman's neck.

Ruck was charged with fourth degree assault, menacing and strangulation.

\"As far, as I was concerned, and the people in that room, we were the only lifeline even though we were states and states away, we wanted to get this young lady some help,\" Garcia said.

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