Teens inspire many with anti bullying song

"They don't understand, they don't understand about me. They don't get to make me happy," two teen girls croon from the mic, playing their own instruments at Sprizzo's in Waukesha.

It's teen angst bottled into a song, an anthem for all the young ones out there that happiness comes from within.

"Carly was bullied that day and she wrote the song, it just came out of her and she gave it to me, and I was like this, this has a lot of potential," Martina Spiro said.

Thirteen-year-old Glencoe, Illinois twins Carly and Martina were fed up with bullying, so they poured their hearts out into the song "Make me Happy," and through social media it reached a group of sixth graders at North Shore Middle School in Waukesha.

"They showed us the song and you could really tell the feeling of it," sixth-grader Gabby Gomez said.

The students connected with Carly and Martina where stories of hurt and bullying were shared.

"I've been made fun of, my sister has and it's really heartbreaking that kids could be so mean to each other," Carly said.

Martina added, "Sometimes it's the way you look, what you wear, or sometimes it's what you think or your culture."

Hoping to spread the good message, teacher Greg Wandsneider invited the teens to Waukesha's Sprizzo's cafe tonight where the students finally met.

"We've talked to them, we've inspired them, and they've inspired us. It's been a great experience," Carly said.

You can watch the video "Make me Happy" on the girls website, www.carlyandmartina.com

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