Teen signs 1-day contract with Bucks as part of Make-A-Wish Wisconsin

NOW: Teen signs 1-day contract with Bucks as part of Make-A-Wish Wisconsin

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The World Champion Milwaukee Bucks are adding a new player.

"Your life will never be the same after you sign it man."

Just in time for the playoff push.

"Here you go man, welcome to the Bucks. Congrats!"

Through Make-A-Wish Wisconsin the Bucks signed Matt Hoffman to a one-day contract.

"The best thing that I'll remember forever is signing the contract, getting the jersey and all of that. I just had a smile on my face the whole time. I'm an official member of the Bucks," said Matt.

"I think that's every father's wish to see their son succeed in something, now I'll get to say I have a son in the NBA. I'll have bragging rights on the family," said Dan Hoffman, Matt's father.

"He's already sent out texts with a photo of the contract," said Kathy Hoffman, Matt's mother.

Matt earned his spot in the NBA. The lifelong basketball fanatic was diagnosed with stage five renal failure three years ago.

"They did blood work and we got home and within 20 minutes they called and said get him to the ER now. We had no idea, it came out of left field," said Kathy.

About a year later Matt received a kidney transplant. The very next week, the coronavirus pandemic struck.

"There's nothing like getting a transplant, becoming immunocompromised and then having a pandemic, a plague come through," said Dan.

Between the transplant and the pandemic, the Hoffmans describe the last three years as one big blur. The 18-year-old freshman at Madison Area Technical College was robbed of a chunk of his childhood. That's where Make-A-Wish Wisconsin and the Bucks come in.

"It was kind of like being a child again from the years that I lost," said Matt.

"He has things to look forward to. Make-A-Wish was on their game," said Kathy.

"They never gave up on him and that's the attitude I hope he has too," said Dan.

Not only did Matt sign with the team, he's also gone to five games with his family. He even had a virtual call with Giannis and Thanasis.

"I was expecting to ask them the questions, but they're asking me like I'm the important person," said Matt.

After they talked about his love of basketball, Giannis sent Matt a pair of shoes. The same shoes he wore to watch his new teammates.

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