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Task Force in Racine County search for domestic violence suspects

Local deputies set out to arrest and prosecute those wanted for domestic violence.

On Wednesday, the Racine County Domestic Violence Task Force conducted a sweep from 5 a.m. to 10 a.m.

CBS 58 went for a ride along with the unit.

In 64 attempts, the task force only arrested six people.

Police say several of the domestic violence suspects don't show up for court appearances.

They pick up and move, and it's hard to track them down when people don't speak up.

CBS 58 spoke with Sgt. Michael Smith. He is one of the commanding officers for the task force.

\"There's a lot of planning that went into this, a lot of efforts put forth today, so we want to see some results, so it is a little frustrating, Sgt. Michael Smith.\"

\"I've been a victim of domestic violence, so it does kind of hit home, Lisa Gerger.\"

Lisa Gerger lives in Racine County, and she's a bit uneasy knowing there are dozens of wanted people roaming the streets.

\"It's not easy to know there are men out there like the man i was with, and that there are other women in the same shoes, Lisa Gerger.\"

According to the Wisconsin Domestic Violence Homicide Report, 144 people died between 2011 and 2013, in relation to domestic violence.

The number has grown each year.

For lisa, it wasn't easy to get out of a dangerous situation.

\"If I didn't have family that had given me a place to go, i probably won't be here today, honestly, Lisa Gerger.\"

In Racine County, Law Enforcement agencies have arrested or cleared 32 outstanding warrants for domestic violence in the past two months.

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