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Sylvester Lewis convicted in fatal playground shooting of Sierra Guyton

 Sylvester Lewis, 19, of Milwaukee was convicted Wednesday of reckless homicide in last May's fatal shooting of Sierra Guyton.

Guyton, 10, was struck by stray gunfire while playing outside Milwaukee's Clarke Street School.

Prosecutors successfully argued that Lewis showed no regard when he opened fire on a group of men who were seated on some steps near the playground.

Lewis told police one of the men in the group pulled a gun out first and that he emptied his gun in response.

Guyton was struck in the head and remained on life support for weeks before passing away in July.

Her death launched a renewed outcry for safer streets.

Several marches and demonstrations were held in her honor as family and stranger alike implored people not to settle their disputed with weapons.

Court documents indicate that Lewis had been in an argument with another man at the playground over some missing baby clothes.

It was a relatively quick trial, starting just this past Monday.

After the verdict was read, attorneys asked that each juror be individually polled. Each and everyone confirmed their verdict of guilty. 

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