Vehicles crash into 3 Milwaukee-area buildings in 3 separate incidents Tuesday

NOW: Vehicles crash into 3 Milwaukee-area buildings in 3 separate incidents Tuesday

OAK CREEK, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A crazy morning in three local communities Tuesday, April 6. 

In the span of about an hour, three different cars smashed into three different buildings. 

In one crash, a driver is now under arrest and in the hospital.

Oak Creek has now declared one of the homes unlivable due to structural damage from the crash. 

The car ultimately ended up in the garage next door. Police suspect alcohol was involved.

Witnesses say they feared the worst.

"It sounded pretty bad. It sounded way worse than it looks."

Francisco Rios says the air bags probably saved a life.

"She's pretty lucky because two cops were passing by at the same time. We tried to help her as much as we could. She was just like unconscious, and you could tell the weight of her foot kept revving the engine."

There were two other area crashes around the same time -- one was right next to a vaccination clinic in Brookfield.

"I just came here to get my COVID vaccine and it was quick and easy. Took like two minutes, and then I come out and I see that the car had driven into this building and smashed through this window. It's pretty crazy."

Also late in the morning, an SUV had to be pulled out of Vilter Manufacturing in Cudahy. 

First responders say they do not believe the driver was impaired.

"He went east, struck a car going east, and then turned around and came back west. So he was moving at a decent speed for the area, but it wasn't excessive speeding that caused it," said Cudahy Fire Chief Jeffrey Bloor.

Fortunately, nobody was in any of the buildings hit at the times these crashes took place. 

Police do not believe the drivers' injuries are life-threatening. 

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