Suspicious Man Invites Kenosha Student to his Car

On Thursday, April 14 at approximately 8:30 AM a child was walking to school in the 6400-6600 block of 15th Avenue in Kenosha when a man drove up to the child, rolled down his window and said, "I'll drive you to school".

The child ran and hid, but saw the same vehicle come back and drive slowly through the same area. When the car left, the child ran to school.

The vehicle is described as an older-looking, gray mini-van with a driver's side headlight that appeared to have been ripped off.

The driver of the vehicle is described as a white man in his 30s with darker hair and a beard. He was wearing a green baseball hat and a dark-colored heavy jacket.

According to police, although there was no physical contact, the suspect did try to engage the child. 

Anyone with information or if you see something suspicious is requested to call the Kenosha Police Department.

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