Suspicious fundraiser raises concerns regarding Big Bend Police Department

NOW: Suspicious fundraiser raises concerns regarding Big Bend Police Department


BIG BEND, Wis. (CBS 58) – A suspicious fundraiser regarding the Big Bend Police department has caused a state wide alert.

The department responds to calls in their district which sits inside of Waukesha County. Lately, the department has been getting calls from Wisconsin citizens about a fundraiser.

“Since we put out the alert we’ve gotten numerous calls, emails, and Facebook posts that yeah, these people have called me,” says Sergeant Karen Dingman.

The police department put out a state wide alert warning others of an imposter.

Someone claiming to be an officer from the Village of Big bend is calling people asking for donations.

“The Big Bend Police Department has never done any fundraising, so it’s definitely a scam,” says Dingman.

Several people say the male caller has a heavy foreign accent.

At times, identifying himself as former officers from the department, which people believe were obtained online.

“They’re using something called ghosting,” explains Dingman. “It’s where they ghost the actual police department phone number and then using the department’s name they ask for donations.”

Luckily, this over the phone Grinch has not been able to get away with his plan.

“People have been very smart,” says Dingman. “Pressing them and asking for more information and they have been hanging up on people.”

The department advises doing your research, pressuring the caller with questions about the organization, and being aware of red flags.

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