Suspects live stream Waukesha County standoff on Facebook

NOW: Suspects live stream Waukesha County standoff on Facebook

WAUKESHA COUNTY, Wis. (CBS 58) – The two suspects involved in an hours-long standoff in Waukesha County livestreamed the incident on Facebook.

The video appears to be shot on the female suspect’s phone.

She can be heard telling authorities, “He has a gun, he’s going to blow my brains out.”

“I tried to tell them that I can get him to be rational,” she tells a negotiator.

In much of the video, the man inside was begging for more time and appears to threaten the woman with him.

“Give me 15 minutes and I’ll surrender on my word, otherwise she gets shot now,” the man says.

“Just give him 15 minutes, I know he’ll work with you guys,” said the woman.

The two can be heard talking to a negotiator.

“Ok, what’s going to happen in 14 minutes?” asked the negotiator.  “I’m going to let her out of the car and in 15 minutes I’m going to come out of the car, one minute after lady,” the man responded.

The man said he needed to call his parents before he surrendered.

“I need to talk to some people and say goodbye, that I’m going to prison, so please, 15 minutes,” he said.

The woman worried about what would happen if police approached.

The standoff ended when police fired gas into the car.

The two exited, the man was shot by police and is in critical condition.

The woman allegedly stabbed a police dog while being arrested.

The names of the suspects are not being released until they are charged.

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