Suspected Riverwest robber calls victim, tries to sell items back

NOW: Suspected Riverwest robber calls victim, tries to sell items back

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Surveillance video shows the moment a man broke into a Milwaukee home, and before he did, he took off his shoes. 

That's not the only bizarre thing he did. 

The homeowners say this is not your average robber. He not only broke into their home, he later called them.

The homeowner, who wants to remain anonymous, realized someone had broken into his condo near Commerce and Fratney in Riverwest. It happened while he and his wife were sound asleep in bed. 

Surveillance footage shows the robber get in using the garage door opener found in the car. But before heading inside, the thief takes his shoes off. 

The burglar walked through the entire house. He got away with some electronics and the car that was parked in the garage. Milwaukee police are investigating. 

A few days after the home invasion, the car was found near 17th and Center on the city's north side. But things don't end there. 

The homeowner recently got a bizarre call from a blocked number. He says someone was trying to extort him by selling his stolen items back to him.

Since the break-in they have installed a home security system and electronic locks on every door.

The homeowners are offering a $500 award for the thief's arrest.

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