Suspect in Porsche carjacking appears in court

Deandre Wise made his first appearance in court for charges related to the stealing of a car in Glendale which led to a chase and officer involved shooting on August 1. 
Wise is charged with armed robbery, operating vehicle without owner's consent, eluding an officer, attempt first degree intentional homicide and possession of a firearm by a felon. 
Wise went to Concours Motors, at 1400 West Silver Spring Drive, and met with a sales manager and said he wanted to test drive a Porsche Panamera. 
He told the sales manager he did not have a drivers license. The manager told him he could ride with him while the manager drove.
The vehicle had a value of $91,660 and cost to Concours of $71,000. 
During the test drive, Wise climbed to the back seat. As the sales manager was making a u-turn, he saw that Wise was holding a gun and pointing it at him. 
Wise told the manager to stop the car in front of 1705 West Mill Road and forced him out. A resident called the police. 
Glendale Police spotted the car traveling at a high rate of speed on I-43 southbound. It exited on to West Capitol drive and jumped the curb to go northbound on Green Bay Avenue. 
It turned and  headed westbound down Hope Road to 12th Street. Wise turned southbound on 13th Street. 
On 14th Street, he stopped and exited the vehicle. 
He exited the vehicle with his gun. 
He fled on foot loading the weapon. He fired 13 shots at an officer who followed him. The officer was injured to his right forehead with debris and shrapnel. 
The defendant was struck in the right thigh. 
Wise told police he had applied to Concours Motors to detail cars earlier in the year. 
He told police he was stressed because he felt he could not do enough for his four year-old son. He believed if he could obtain the Porsche everything would go away. He believed he could sell the Porsche for nearly six figures. After crashing the vehicle he tried to shoot himself in the head but the chamber was empty. 
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