Suspect in Olivia Mackay's murder has violent past

NOW: Suspect in Olivia Mackay’s murder has violent past

One of the suspect’s in the murder of Olivia Mackay has a violent past and a history of missing court dates.

The 19-year-old man, who CBS 58 is not naming because he isn’t formally charged in Olivia’s death, appeared in court Friday on a charge of bail jumping, in connection with another case.

“The defendant missed a sentencing on June 23, 2017,” said prosecutor Michael Graveley. “That was  a sentencing for a crime of violence,”

Court records show he plead guilty to misdemeanor battery in June of 2016. Sentencing was deferred for a year and when he didn't show up for the June sentencing, a bench warrant was issued.

At Friday's court appearance prosecutors alleged that while the suspect was wanted on that warrant, he killed Olivia. Prosecutors say there is phone and social media evidence. They also say that the other suspect in the case, a 17-year-old boy, told police what happened.

“[The defendant] strangled and killed the young girl we are speaking of,” Graveley said. “He indicated that he then assisted this defendant, in placing her body in the trunk of that young girls own vehicle.”

Graveley says the suspect then drove the victim’s car around for several days.

Meanwhile, 17-year-old Olivia was remembered at a vigil Wednesday.

“[I think about] how beautiful and creative and hardworking she was,” the victim’s father, Kelly Mackay told the crowd. “And I was looking forward to the beautiful future she had and sadly that was taken away from her much too soon.”

Olivia's dad says she loved Chinese art and culture and even taught herself the language. Her friends say she was quiet but so devoted to the people she loved.

“She was just such a good person and always willing to help people,” said Cara Farmer, a friend of Olivia.

Prosecutors say they expect to file homicide charges against the two suspects early next week.

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