Support Group For Those That Lost Mothers, Precedes Holiday

At the Salvation Army off N 25th Street in Milwaukee, a small group meets.

The day before Mother's Day, everyone there lost their mom. Zelodius Morton decided to start a support group for people who lost their mothers. She says they will hold it the day before Mother's Day each year.

"A lot of times that is your mom and it's real difficult... holidays... all the emphasis on Mother's Day, flowers, all that bring up a lot of painful memories," said Morton. 

Morton's friend, Denise Wooten came to the group. She came to support her friend and to talk with others about the loss of her mother.

"I'm also that daughter, the first daughter my mother had. I've gotten through my grieving process. It's not all over, but I know I can't grieve for her anymore. I can only celebrate her," said Wooten.

Morton holds other types of support groups. She holds one every third Saturday for those who have lost a loved one to homicide. That group will meet next on May 21st at the Salvation Army off Villard.

"We're dealing with a lot of homicides, almost every other day; it's really important for people to come out and actually be a part of a support group," said Morton.

Morton says talking can help victim's families see where they are in the grieving process.

"Coming out in a group setting is really beneficial because you really need to know that you're not alone in your grieving process, and there's other people going through the same thing," said Morton.

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