Supply chain shortage impacts local bike shops

NOW: Supply chain shortage impacts local bike shops

MEQUON, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Many industries have been impacted by manufacturers shutting down during the pandemic. That mixed with more people getting outside means one industry is seeing a shortage of inventory, local bike shops. 

Trailside recreation in Mequon opened in March, and part of the store is still empty, waiting for bikes he ordered over a year ago.

"It took 9 months to get those ones I have," said the owner Sam Wolf.

It's always a busy time of year for bike shops. As the weather warms up more people naturally get outside and hit the trails, but it's a growing sport since the pandemic started last year. 

"It's a great social distancing sport, and the demand for cycling really exploded over the last year," said Erik Saltvold.

"It's not like the old days where you could just walk in and have a great selection of all the bikes you want and get them the next day. You just have to work with us a little bit. We'll help you find the right thing," said Saltvold. 

The demand isn't the only reason people are having trouble buying a new bike.

"I'm sure people have noticed this in other areas, its not just bikes, but the logistics is really a big factor on why things are being delayed," said Saltvold. 

A rough time to get into the business for Wolf. 

"The price of shipping a shipping container went up so much this year that for bicycles or any specialty item," said Wolf. "We can only put so

many bikes on a shipping container, and for the vendor to ship that out now it's so expensive to do that it might outweigh the cost."

He's getting a shipment of thirty bikes in this month, and he doesn't expect them to be here long.

If you still want to bike the trails this weekend, but you cant get your hands on a bike, places like Trailside Recreation are offering bike rentals. Although, he is still waiting for another shipment of those as well. 

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