Supplement Warehouse moves out of massive Oak Creek warehouse

Tables, desks and shelves have been broken down and thrown away.

The inside of a once thriving business in Oak Creek is empty, but it's where police said Supplement Warehouse was ripped off by two of its now former employees.

Corey Hayes and Orlando Washington are accused of stealing pallets full of OxyELITE Pro, a supplement to help people lose weight and burn fat.

Court records show over two years, the men re-sold the product on eBay.

Hayes apparently made over $236,000, more than 10 times his yearly salary. Investigators said he put $43,000 down on a home and spent $15,000 on landscaping.

Washington is accused of profiting more than $415,000 off of stolen products. The investigation revealed he spent $9,000 on a car, $31,000 on wedding jewelry, $7,300 on a wedding reception and $54,000 on remodeling his home.

A year after its bankruptcy re-organization plan was approved, Supplement Warehouse has now consolidated.

The business has made its new home in West Allis.

Products fill shelves and floor space inside the smaller store front, but the doors are still open, as the company tries to rebuild from a devastating crime police said was plotted from the inside.

We reached out to the current CEO of Supplement Warehouse, but she never returned our calls.

In the meantime, Hayes and Washington are set to go to trial in early 2017.

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