Sunny Days Ahead Although Decreasing Daylight Times

NOW: Sunny Days Ahead Although Decreasing Daylight Times

What a gorgeous weekend, sun filled but not too hot. Temperatures hovered around eighty degrees with full sun and dew points staying in check. This weather pattern, my friends, will stick with us most of the week. Anticipate plenty of sun, although likely seeing skies turn partly cloudy as we slowly bring back more heat and humidity later in the week. 

. One thing we are losing despite the dry sky is daylight by the minutes. Today holds our last sunrise before 6am. 
Although tomorrow's sunrise will be right at 6am, we won't hit that mark again until April 21st of next year. Likewise, we just tipped back sunsets before 8pm on August 11th. Here's a look at those stat benchmarks: 
 As we head through the back half of summer we're now losing daylight at a clip of about two to three minutes per day. As you see today's total daylight is thirteen hours and fifty-three minutes. By the Autumnal Equinox, which arrives September 22nd at 2:21pm we should have fairly equal parts day and night, although it's not always to the minute. Twelve hours of daylight and nighttime occurs on September 25th when sunrise comes in at 6:42am with sunset at 6:43pm.

I'm meteorologist Rebecca Schuld

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