Sunday Morning Spotlight: Play Pickleball

It’s a little tennis, badminton, and ping-pong wrapped into one.

The game of pickleball has Lynn Knak of Waukesha head over heels. Pickleball player Pat Grulke gives a pretty thorough description of this game. She, like Knak, spends a lot of her week at Waukesha's Frame Park playing what she loves best.

Those who participate in the game admit it's so much more than just winning.

Pickleball originated more than 50 years ago out of Washington State. The belief is a few congressmen created the concept so their kids could be kept preoccupied during the summer. 

The game has turned into one of the fastest growing adult recreational sports of our time.

According to the Waukesha Parks and Rec Department, some 40 people started out in the beginning, now the number is in the hundreds. There are at least a hundred places to play pickleball in Wisconsin itself.

“More you play, the better you get. Fun competition, play hard, make good shots, what I like to do,” says a pickleball player.

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