Sun Makes a Cameo

After three solid days of clouds, that stubborn cloud deck finally retreated Wednesday evening. Today that sunshine making all the difference as temps shot back up into the 70s. Temperatures will be on the rise in the days to come. In fact, some of the warmest days on the horizon will come as we get into the \"\"

month of September. Friday will still be relatively cool with the clouds returning and showers approaching from the west. Latest model data brings showers through the heart of the viewing area into Friday evening and especially through the overnight into Saturday morning. There's the potential to pick up about an inch of rainfall. The dynamics aloft aren't too impressive for storm development, but maybe you hear a rumble of thunder Friday night. Showers are then expected to wind down as we head into Saturday afternoon. That's a good thing if you plan to head up to Lambeau Field for the game. It starts at 7pm and conditions by that point should be dry and clouds will break up a bit. Kick-off temps will be floating around 70° dropping back through the 60s during the game. GO PACK GO!

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