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Summerfest offers a break from a day filled with politics

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) - Thursday was a day filled with politics in Southeastern Wisconsin.

Really, the entire week has seen politics in the headlines.  From the controversy over Harley-Davidson, to the Presidential visit, to the Foxconn groundbreaking, it's been hard to ignore.

But none of that mattered at the Summerfest grounds.

Fest goers say they enjoyed a break from politics while they listened to music, tried great food and downed a beverage or two.

"Oh yeah definitely, anytime I can get away from politics, I’m going to try," said one fest goer.

"I don’t get too much into politics, it causes fights, but not here, this is politics free," said another.

Some saw it as an opportunity to get away from the stress of work as well.

There was extra excitement at the grounds on Thursday, with music legend James Taylor taking the stage.

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