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Summerfest may be closed for the day but workers are preparing for the final 6 days

Summerfest 50 is taking a one-day breather. Monday is the day they keep the grounds closed and clean up and gear up for the final 6-days.

CBS 58 News went down to Maier Festival Park to find out just what they're doing. What we learned is that while it may be a day off for the music, it's not a day off at all for the people who run the festival. 

There's a lot of cleaning going on. At The Harley-Davidson Roadhouse, they're getting a little extra time to put together the next headliner's show.

"There's a big production associated with that show, so they're able to get a little extra time to put it together and as you can see behind me a large video wall that's being installed and so they don't have to do that the night before," said VP of Sales & Marketing Sara Pancheri.

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