Summerfest Introduces New Way to Keep You Safe

Summerfest has a new way of keeping you safe in the event of severe weather during the event. Rain came pouring down on the people Thursday, but there were no thunderstorms. Still, it's about being prepared and ready for anything, especially with a projected 850,000 person turnout.

"We do everything possible to communicate as quickly as possible what patrons need to do to find safety," said Sarah Pancheri, Vice President of marketing and sales for Summerfest.

Pancheri said they work closely with UWM to track storms. UWM is in constant contact with Summerfest security to pass along information. If the storms become severe, and become life threatening, organizers will hit the public address system to let you know.

"You take the approach of the PA system, as well as security walking around, visiting with everyone, making sure they're aware of the situation," Pancheri added.

Security makes sure tents are secured, as well. New this year, push alerts are able to be sent through their smartphone app. Gates are opened, as well, to get people out faster if necessary.

"It really represents a larger plan that we've put in place based on the factors we find," Pancheri said.

The push alerts are sent to you if you're on, or near, the Summerfest grounds. There can be push alerts for events other than weather, as well.

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