Summerfest fans eager to celebrate the return of the Big Gig

NOW: Summerfest fans eager to celebrate the return of the Big Gig

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Summerfest day one got off to a slow start.

No rhyme or reason for the light attendance Thursday afternoon. Around 7 p.m., things started to pick up, as bigger names like Luke Bryan and REO Speedwagon drew people in.

It's been the best opening day for Alyse Kain.

"There's not as many people here so there's just a lot more openness. You don't have people shoulder to shoulder," said Alyse Kain of West Allis.

For 53 years, Summerfest has filled Milwaukee's lakefront with music, minus last year when Covid shut it down.

"The weather's absolutely perfect. I mean it's that comfortable temperature," said Kain.

The Big Gig's back, but you can't get in unless you show your Covid vaccine card, results of a recent test, or take a test on the spot.

"You know what, I understand it. There's a lot of people here and you want to be safe," said Heidi Bouthiette of Connecticut. 

Summerfest is billed as one of the best and biggest music festivals in the country, the food and beverages an added draw.

"I had ribs and waffle fries and they were delicious," said Zip Johnson of Madison.

This year's shows are spread out over three weekends.

"And I'm gonna see T-PaIn, a little bit of Queensryche, a little bit of REO and then I'm gonna meet up with these beautiful ladies to see Gray Wolf and Big Wild," said Jamison Fernandez of West Allis. 

"Sit a little bit and watch the music, not that familiar with the younger bands, said Linda Machmueller of Madison.

It's a family affair, captivating even the little ones.

The Summerfest grounds provide a little something for everyone. Vivian Brown staked out her spot nice and early for the fireworks. 

"Oh yes, I love it. You'll see the fireworks right here. I love it," Brown said. 

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