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Summerfest cracks down on underage drinking

CBS 58 spoke with vendors and security officials at Summerfest, and they say every single employee is on alert for anyone caught drinking underage.

With people of all ages coming to enjoy live music at Summerfest, comes underage drinking.

Vendors and security officials at the world's largest music festival tell CBS 58 a lot of kids are trying to use fake IDS to buy alcohol.

\"Every once in a while you'll catch an in state,\" said Summerfest employee Jennifer Olis. \"Last night was an in state ID, and Saturday night they were out of state.\"

Fortunately, employees know to be on the lookout.

\"You can tell a lot right off the bat by the way they feel,\" said Olis. \"For instance last night, I could tell by how it felt. The overlay wasn't correct. You could tell it had too much plastic on it and the laminate wasn't exact.\"

The security director at Summerfest, Bill Wesley says kids can keep trying, but they will get caught.

\"Not only is Summerfest security out there actively looking for underage drinking and carding on a regular basis,\" said Bill Wesley. \"But the Milwaukee Police Department has a force down here doing the same.\"

Teens trying to use fake IDS is nothing new.

Matt Nelson is part owner at Otto's wine and spirits, and has a wall of shame for young people trying to buy some booze.

\"We got a reputation for taking fake IDS and so they usually don't try to use them here,\" said Matt Nelson.

But if you're busted at Summerfest, vendors and security will do more than take your ID.

\"The protocol is to call security, and bring security over,\" said Olis. \"The security will take the ID and the person who gave the ID, and they will walk them over to the Milwaukee Police Department.\"

CBS 58 spent the past two days trying to speak with the Milwaukee Police Department about how many underage people have been busted for trying to buy alcohol at the 11 day music festival, but still waiting to get a response.

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