Summerfest attendance increased by 1.4%

MILWAUKEE -- The organizers of Summerfest have released data for this year's festival. They report the festival drew over 850,000 patrons increasing attendance by 1.4%.

Summerfest reports 851,879 peole came to this year's festival, an increase over 2013's 840,356 attendance. Organizers also say corporate sales increased by more than 6.4%.

This year's Summerfest employed nearly 2,200 people, and took part in Milwaukee's Earn and Learn program. The Earn and Learn program employed 600 workers between the age of 16 and 22.

The Milwaukee County Transit System announces ridership of their Summerfest shuttles have increased by 13%. MCTS increased ridership of their downtown shuttle along Wisconsin Ave. by cutting bus fare from$3 to $1.

Next year's Summerfest begins June 24, 2015.

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