Summer-Like Feel Today!

Get ready, folks!!! It is going to feel like summer today around southeastern Wisconsin with a surge of warm and humid air from the south.  An upper-level ridge is building in our neck of the woods, and this is leading to the warmest air of the season.  Highs today will soar well into the 80s, and dew points will jump into the 60s.  Anything over 60 degrees for a dew point you start to feel it and notice the humidity. 

These 80s will likely continue into tomorrow as the warm front, which generated showers and thunderstorms yesterday and last night, lifts north into northern Wisconsin.  This warm front will fire up more unsettled weather just to our north, but we are not out of the woods yet.  A cold front will track into the Badger State with a low pressure system.  Expect to spark along this storm system on Wednesday.  A few of these storms could turn strong to severe once again. 

Once the front is through, temperatures will drop quickly.  Highs on Thursday will stay in the 70s, and then plunge into the 50s for temperatures by Friday. - Meteorologist Chris Nelson

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