Summer-friendly businesses thriving despite cool, cloudy days

WAUWATOSA -- We expect to grab shorts and sunscreen this time of year.  Lately, the umbrella and sweatshirt have been more popular items.   But surprisingly enough, businesses that typically depend on sun and heat have been holding their own.

\"Everybody likes some sunshine sometimes and a little bit more beachy weather,\" pool-goer David Stephan said Saturday.

You couldn't find much of that across southeastern Wisconsin, but with high temperatures only in the 70s lately, swimming spots like Tosa Pool at Hoyt Park have managed to stay busy.

\"It's alright, because the water's pretty warm,\" Stephan said.  \"That's actually the nice thing with kids is you want warm water, otherwise they become little popsicles.\"

Stephan brought his family to the pool, not sure what to expect crowd-wise and was pleasantly surprised.  Heated water and mainly-dry skies brought plenty of people out to swim.

\"We're definitely hearty here in Wisconsin,\" Tosa Pool Spokeswoman Mary Pluta said.  \"You have to be.\"


Pluta says the Tosa Pool actually reached capacity -- 1100 people -- one day earlier this week.  In fact, the  cool, rainy summer weather has only forced the pool to close a handful of times.

\"They're fine with it, even if it's in the 60s,\" Pluta said.  \"They're more than happy to come and get their exercise in.\"

Over on Milwaukee's east side, Metro Car Wash owner Mazen Muna's crews have their hands full.

\"This summer has been our best summer yet.\" Muna said.  \"They come in, get their cars washed and, unfortunately, with the damp weather, one or two days later they may get a sprinkle on it so  they have to bring it back.\"

That revolving door of service meant hiring three more workers and extending the car wash's hours.  The business owner would love to see this weather trend continue, but even hotter, sunnier skies would be fine with him.

\"It's something they like to get done and we're building a reputation,\" Muna said.  \"People just keep coming.\"

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