Sultry Summer Heat for The Start of State Fair

It never fails.  The start of the Wisconsin State Fair, and the heat really cranks itself up.  Not to mention the humidity.  

Highs on Thursday will be near 90, but with the humidity, it'll feel like 95 to 100.  The heat won't be long lived though because a cold front will drop through late Thursday night and start to cool us off to seasonable levels for the weekend.

With the front, we've been hopeful for some rain since the yearly deficit is nearly 6.5 inches.  But the latest computer models have the precipitation chances dissipating across the region.  Hopefully this will change between now and then.

In the meantime, we can see pop up showers and storms today with all the heat and humidity building.  A weak lake breeze could help generate the storms as well.  It's hard to be exactly sure who will get the most rain out of the deal since this type of convection is so hard to pinpoint.

But one thing is certain.  Make sure to download the free CBS58 to keep track of the activity on the radar.  

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