Studies: New Year's resolutions to be healthier will begin to fail in a couple of weeks

Studies: New Year’s resolutions to be healthier will begin to fail in a couple of weeks

BROOKFIELD, Wis. (CBS 58)- Surveys show almost a third of New Year resolutions had to do with being healthier. The resolutions ranged from exercising more, losing weight or eating a healthier diet, but studies show most of them begin to fail in just a couple of weeks.  

A December 2018 study found that 13-percent of resolutions are to "exercise more," making it the most common resolution made by American adults.

Wisconsin Athletic Club in Brookfield says January is their busiest month.

”January’s our biggest month probably as far as new members and old members coming back in. On a day-to-day basis we see between 1,800 and 2,000 members coming through the gym,” said JJ LaValley, Service Manager at Wisconsin Athletic Club in Brookfield.

“It’s usually typically the first weekend in the new year where people come in with their New Year’s resolutions,” said Ashley Gruichich, Sales Manager at Wisconsin Athletic Club in Brookfield.

Gyms in the area are even offering incentives to get people in the door on New Year’s Day. Iron Fist Fitness in Wauwatosa offered a free class that combined dance with using weights so gym-goers can start the year strong.

“We incorporate kickboxing, boxing, light weights and then movement so you’re getting the ultimate calorie burner,” said Shannon Vick, Owner of Iron Fist Fitness.

The gym excitement doesn’t last long. Studies show resolutions fail largely because of a loss in motivation and managers say in a few weeks gym attendance will start to slide.

”It’s probably for the whole month of January, then after that it starts to taper off a little bit,” said LaValley.

Data and intelligence company Foursquare calls it "Fall Off the Wagon Day." Last year the company estimated that day fell on Feb. 9. The company says the beginning of February is when they saw visits to the gym start to slip and fast food visits go back up to its normal levels.

Trainers say the best way to not fall off the wagon is to keep your current drive going.

“The best way to do that is to kind of get going.  You know, if they feel like they can kind of build momentum off of that, then they can carry out through the rest of the year,” said Vick.

Gyms are also making the effort to keep people coming back by helping them find their niche in the gym.  

”They get to meet with the trainer, sit down, talk to them, kind of set up a routine and talk about their goals,” said LaValley.

“We’re finding that once we pair someone with their passion, they’re more likely to succeed with their workout goals,” adds Gruichich.

If your resolution is to join a gym, make sure you’re not held by a gym membership contract. That way if you do decide to switch or move you can do so.  

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