Students walk the red carpet for the first day of school

MILWAUKEE-- Senior year shenanigans began early for a group of students at Nicolet High School in Glendale. 

\"It's the red carpet, you see,\" said Arielle Bordow, a senior, wearing a black wig, faux fur coat, and lace dress, \"we just got in our best attire, and we're very ready for school to start!\"

Bordow and her friends were decked out in 1980's style prom dresses for their red carpet entrance Tuesday morning.

\"We're seniors and don't ever forget that,\" shouted Bordow, as her friends all cheered before stepping into the spotlight.

Other students at Nicolet High School sported their best back-to-school looks as an orchestra greeted them upon arrival.  A tunnel of teachers and staff cheered on as each student walked into the main building, but the students at Nicolet High School weren't the only kids in Milwaukee who got the VIP treatment.

\"We laid out the red carpet for you because we want you to succeed,\" said Mayor Tom Barrett, of Milwaukee, as he addressed students at Milwaukee's Carver Academy, \"because you are so special, we believe in you, we love you, we embrace you.\" 

Mayor Barrett was one of many public officials who greeted students during their red carpet arrival.

Dr. Darienne Driver, superintendent for Milwaukee Public Schools was also there to kick off the school year.  Dr. Driver said some of the primary focuses this year for MPS include literacy across all subject, improving attendance rates, and giving high school students more options to prepare for life after graduation. 

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