Students return to class after shooting at Waukesha South High School

NOW: Students return to class after shooting at Waukesha South High School


WAUKESHA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Waukesha South High School was back in session on Tuesday, Dec. 3 after it was put on lockdown a day earlier. Authorities say a student brought a gun to school and was shot by police after he pointed it at them. 

Emotions were running high at drop off Tuesday morning. 

“As a parent, I’m sad,” said Jennifer Meyer, who was dropping off her son, Senior Logan Carter, on Tuesday. "The worst thing in the world is I got a text yesterday saying, 'mom we're in lockdwon.'" 

Meyer vividly remembers the moment she was reunited with her son, a senior at Waukesha South. 

"As I was standing out here yesterday, waiting to see my son, and I seen his face as he came out, there are no words to describe it," Meyer said. 

Ilene Bell said she was nervous about sending her daughter back to school Tuesday, but ultimately was reassured by the teachers. 

“I’d rather send you knowing that there’s going to be a lot of people here today and I feel safer sending you today you know versus tomorrow not knowing that there’s going to be people to talk to,” Bell said.

Other parents, like Karen Goetz, felt confident about sending her son back to school

“I have faith in our community. Hopefully, this will bring enlightenment for more security, safer,” Goetz said.

Meyer said while there was fear Tuesday morning, that won't stop them from living their lives. 

“He’s a senior and the senior guys all got together last night and were wearing our Waukesha South gear because we want to show how strong we are and we are not going to let meanness and evil take over,” Meyer said.

The school had extra police patrolling the area on Tuesday, and additional staff available for students to talk to if they needed it. 

The student suspect is said to be in stable condition. 

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