Students near Water Street talk about curfew after Friday's shooting

NOW: Students near Water Street talk about curfew after Friday’s shooting

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Despite the curfew requiring no people under 21 past 11pm be down in the area of Water and 3rd Street after the violence there Friday night, Milwaukee Police said they had no citations for the curfew Saturday night.

Milwaukee School of Engineering students, playing bags in the park just a few blocks from where it all happened Friday night, still have what happened on their minds.

"I had some friends that were down there and they were supposed to come over, and they ended up calling me and were like hey, we're not coming over because we were in the bar like right next to where the shooting happened, so they were just so spooked they wanted to get home," said MSOE student Carl Reifsteck.

He and other students said they feel safe with what's being done.

"Obviously really spooky and really scary but I think Milwaukee does a good job of keeping everyone safe and I know they put out tons of police there and I know our public safety was helping out with it, so I think the curfew was a really good idea," said another MSOE Student, Nikki Ratts.

Ratts said she didn't see as many people out in the area last night.

"Not as much around here, I know if anyone went out they were going away from water street," said Ratts.

Reifsteck said he did see some people were out, and was surprised police didn't cite anyone, but not too surprised.

"It's hard to regulate everything, like if people are coming home from work, they're doing whatever, it's hard to really enforce that," said Reifsteck.

With the game being during the day Sunday, both Reifsteck and Ratts said they were less concerned about anything bad happening on Water Street.

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