Student stabbed at Bradford High School dies

The student stabbed at Bradford High School in Kenosha on Tuesday has died.

15-year-old Timothy Carson has been charged with second degree intentional homicide which is a charge that could send him to prison for a long time. 

Carson was handcuffed at the hands and feet while he sat quietly in court. His family tells CBS 58 he's remorseful for what happened. 

According to the criminal complaint this crime was fueled by an incident that happened over spring break involving a girl. 

The complaint says Carson first initiated a fight with the victim and they met at a park last week where Carson pulled out a gun threatening the victim. 

Investigators say the beef Continued on social media And hit a boiling point on Tuesday at Bradford high school 

Court documents state the victim came into Carson's class and punched him. That's when Carson stabbed the 15-year-old victim with a knife. 

The court commissioner set a $250,000 cash bond. 

The teen will be held in the Kenosha county jail.

The Kenosha Unified School District sent this statement to CBS 58 about the incident:

Due to the incidents that occurred this week, the district will continue to have additional counselors on hand at Bradford to support our staff and students during this difficult time. We appreciate the continued support our community and neighboring communities have shown our students and staff.

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