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Student Brings Note to School Saying Mother was Being Held at Knifepoint

On Wednesday, Racine police were dispatched to a local elementary school after the principal called police. The principal advised law enforcement that a teacher received a note from a student that read, “can you please call the cops…Alejandro Rodriguez is in my house with a knife has threatened to kill me.”

The student’s mother told police that she arrived at home at 4:00 PM on Tuesday and Rodriguez, who is the father of one of her children, gained access to the house. According to the mother, Rodriguez told her that he was going to kill her once the kids left for school in the morning and should have killed her “last time.”

The mother told police Rodriguez accompanied her everywhere Tuesday evening, even to the bathroom, and made her sleep with him so that he could tell if she was getting up. Rodriguez then pulled a knife from his pocket, waved it in front of the victim’s face and then punched her in the stomach.

According to police, the mother woke up on Wednesday morning to get her kids ready for work and when she was helping her son do his homework she managed to write the note on a piece of paper and told her son to give it to a teacher when he got to school.

The officer went to the address provided on the note, when Rodriguez arrived, the mother of the student ran out onto the porch. When the officer searched the house he found Rodriguez seated on the couch in the living room. The officer then took Rodriguez into custody.

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