Student beaten at Mitchell Middle School, claims teacher didn't try to intervene

NOW: Student beaten at Mitchell Middle School, claims teacher didn’t try to intervene

RACINE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A Mitchell Middle School student says he was brutally beaten right outside of school and claims the teachers didn't try to stop it.

It's not the first time that violence has broken out at the school.

The teen and his family are now speaking out because they worry that other students will be hurt or even killed at the school.

"One threw me to the ground and they were all punching me, kicking me," said Noah Gallagher, a student at Mitchell Middle School.

Noah says he was beat up by a group of classmates as he was walking out of school last week.

He says that while he was on the ground, he made eye contact with a teacher walking past but she didn't stop, yell, or run for help.

"She could have just pulled one off and grabbed me off the ground and pulled me out but she failed to do so. That kills me because that could have been my life," Noah said.

Noah also says two more teachers were standing by the door and didn't do anything either.

He ended up with a broken rib.

"You send your kid to school to be safe, to be educated, you don't send you kid in there to have to fight to get out," Jennifer Morales, Noah's mom said.

"I just don't get it, how an adult can let something like this happen to a kid," said Broc Jones, Noah's father. 

Mitchell Middle School is no stranger to violence.

Video from March shows a fight inside the school's gym. A teacher at the school was accused of calling a student the n-word while breaking up the fight.

Last fall, video also showed a student cursing at a custodian before the staff member chased the student up a flight of stairs.

Noah's mother wants to see change.

"I'm seeking that this never happens again not only to my son, but to other people's children. This is so much bigger than just him," said Jennifer Morales. 

The Racine School District released the following statement,

"We are committed to ensuring all of our schools are safe and positive places for our students to learn and our educators to teach."

The District says they launched an investigation and are working with staff to learn what happened. 

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