Strong Storms Possible for Day 2 of Summerfest

Temperatures have climbed into the upper 70s close to 80 degrees this afternoon.  After starting with some sunshine during the afternoon, storms will begin to move in by evening. A few storms may be possible as early as 5 PM, but the best chance arrives from 6-10 PM at the Summerfest grounds   

Take a look at the storms across central Wisconsin.  Storms will move southeast over the next several hours.  There's enough instability where an isolated shower or storms could become strong to severe.  Small hail and gusty winds up to 50 mph are the main threats.

Although severe weather is not anticipated, a few stronger storms may be possible. The Storm Prediction Center currently has most of southeastern Wisconsin in the marginal or lowest risk for severe weather. What makes this worrisome is that at an outdoor festival where indoor safety is hard to come by, strong storms may turn dangerous. Lightning is a known killer and unfortunately it is at these types of festivals that lightning fatalities can happen. In addition, a sub-severe wind gust of 40-50 mph could easily knock over some of the vendor tents causing damage.

So what should you do if you plan on attending Summerfest tonight? Be prepared. Make sure you download the CBS 58 Weather App so you have a way to track the radar and so that the CBS 58 Ready Weather team can send you alerts for storms approaching the area. Bringing rain gear or an umbrella is recommended, but remember that umbrellas are not allowed in the Marcus Amphitheater. Lastly, make sure you have a plan. Know where you should meet family members in the event of a damaging storm. A good option is your car and ask Summerfest for a readmittance wrist band. Stay safe!

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