Steven Zelich's West Allis PD personnel files released

WEST ALLIS -- Disturbing details about the career of Steven Zelich while he worked for the West Allis Police Department have emerged. Zelich is the man implicated in the deaths of two women found stuffed in suitcases on the side of a Walworth County highway.

Zelich began working for the West Allis Police Department back in February of 1989. He was once regarded as one of the department's best officers. Zelich's personnel records show he had three suspensions, and four reprimands before resigning from the West Allis Police Department in 2001. 

A total of five incidents in 2001 show Zelich's troubled past with young women. In May 2001, he engaged in in appropriate actions with a prostitute. The woman ran out of his apartment half naked after feeling threatened by him.

Several complaints indicate Zelich asked out numerous young women while wearing his West Allis Police Department uniform.

One woman said she felt intimidated and frightened by Zelich. He would wait for her after her shift ended at a hair salon, and use his squad car to block her in so he could ask her out.

Another internal investigation shows the West Allis Police Department learned Zelich went to strip clubs while on the clock. The strip club he frequented wasn't even in his assigned patrol section. Zelich even obtained personal information of the dancers by using the state's TIME computer system to contact the strippers on his own.

Almost four months after the incident with the prostitute, the Fire and Police Commission requested Zelich's employment be terminated. Zelich resigned on his own three days later.

Zelich worked at the Mequon Police Department from 1984 to 1989. We are awaiting his personnel files from the Mequon Police Department.


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