Stephen Colbert hosts 'Apology Fest' in Milwaukee after mocking city in Late Show segment

NOW: Stephen Colbert hosts ’Apology Fest’ in Milwaukee after mocking city in Late Show segment

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- It's been just about a year since Late Show host Stephen Colbert stuck his foot in his mouth, airing a less than flattering portrayal of the city of Milwaukee

You might remember the gag was related to the virtual Democratic National Convention last August held at the height of the coronavirus pandemic.

Friday night, the comedian made good on his promise to return.

CBS 58's Nicole Koglin had the opportunity to meet Colbert during his visit to the Brew City.

Our CBS 58 crew was invited to tag along as Colbert, and of course an entire production crew from his Late Show, hosted a special tailgate party called "Apology Fest."

He played beer pong, talked with fans and of course apologized over and over again for last year's segment about Milwaukee that upset a lot of people.

This wasn't just a tailgate party. Colbert spent the entire day here in Milwaukee.

Colbert told us he didn't even know how upset Milwaukee was right away.

"No one told me the reaction right away, right? You hid the reaction from me at first. And then after we finished the week of shows, because it's very busy to do these live shows during the convention, after the shows were over, someone said 'you might want to apologize to Milwaukee.' I said 'why?' They took your jokes to heart and I went 'oh, that's never good.'"

After the tailgate, Stephen went into the game to have some fun with the crowd and run the sausage race.

Colbert's Milwaukee Apology Tour will air on the Late Show next month. 

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