Staying warm in the cold depends on how you layer clothing

Unseasonably cold temperatures mean a boom in business at Laacke and Joys in Brookfield.

\"It's ridiculously freezing and it's happening way too early this year,\" said Kim Borkenhagen, a shopper.

Many families stopped by to stock up on cold weather gear over the weekend.

\"I'm just not prepared for this weather yet, so it just came too early for me,\" said Andrea Schwindt, another shopper.

Matthew Lehmann, the store manager says-- staying warm depends on how you layer.

\"You need to put the proper layers on to keep the heat close to your body,\" said Lehmann.

Lehmann suggests starting a wool or synthetic base layer to help your body retain the most heat-- no cotton, then top the base layer with a mid-layer and heavy coat.  Hats are also an absolute must, since it also helps your body retain more heat.

\"If you have something that definitely keeps the heat close to your head, doesn't let it escape, that's definitely going to keep your body a lot warmer,\" explained Lehmann.   

When it comes to keeping your hands and feet warm, Lehmann says the key is starting with your core.  Gloves and socks are important-- but he says keeping your mid-section warm will also help keep those areas warm.


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